African Crafts

It is Sunday and I’m heading to the Rosebank Rooftop Market. It is a flea market par excellence where you’ll find the gaudy and useless, but also a huge collection of African crafts. Stalls upon stalls of wares, some out in the open and some inside, all of it, as the name suggests, crammed onto the roof of Rosebank Mall. They simply sell everything: Wooden masks, drums, spears, paintings, clothing, incense, soap, spices, figurines made from beads, stone carvings, woven grass baskets, cheese, painted ostrich eggs, and, of course, vuvuzelas. Last time we were there I got suckered into acquiring an ironing board cover “your maid will love” by a fast talking salesman.

It’s a great Sunday outing for the whole family where you’ll enjoy the hustle and bustle of a vibrant market and good food. You might even catch a dancing performance as seen below.

And by the way, my domestic, who I didn’t hire until after I originally wrote this post, does indeed love the ironing board cover.
This article is part of Joburg Expat’s What To Do in Joburg series.