Cricket for Expats

batsman protecting wicket playing cricket in South Africa
Batsman protecting the wicket

‘When’s the game itself going to begin?‘ – Groucho Marx while watching a cricket match at Lord’s field

If you’re moving to South Africa, you’ll have to learn about cricket. Otherwise, you’ll sit at the Vodacom store ... 


“Just Now” or “Now Now”?

The South African Concept of Time

South Africans have a fairly complicated relationship with the word “now.” This is an across-the board phenomenon and has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. There are three distinct forms of “now,” and as an expat you better learn the various meanings, or you will be very frustrated when ... 


Getaway to Cape Town

view of Cape Town at night
For our family, one of the best parts about moving to South Africa has been the easy access to some of the world’s greatest travel destinations. Where else can you get to the bush to see lions, a top ten diving location and tropical beach, or one of the most beautiful cities of the world, all within just a few hours? I suppose it’s one of the benefits of expat life, as you tend to use your (most likely) limited time to the fullest (if this is your first time as an expat, doing so is my number one advice to you), but I do feel that Johannesburg is an especially well suited home base for expat travelers.

My only gripe has been that Africa is NOT cheap by any means. The deeper the bush, the more expensive it seems to get. The one exception, in my opinion, is Cape Town. Not only is it a beautiful city to visit, it is also very affordable compared to all the other destinations out there. If you’re ... 


Safari as Food

I recently came across this picture in a Johannesburg supermarket (thanks Bing!):

So I thought I should match each of those pate cans with pictures I took of the actual animals you’ll be eating. I’m not judging. Just filling in the missing pictures.


You’ll have to ...