Expat Joys – The Sun

giraffe before setting sun

I’m not sure of the official tally, but from our experience the sun shines about 359 days a year in Johannesburg. It’s definitely one of my greatest joys as an expat here. Even – and especially – in winter, when I’m shivering through the nights, the sun can always be ... 


300 Bucks for Warm Feet

To those of you who are poo-poohing our complaints about the cold in Joburg, here is an update on our harsh winters. It really does get cold at night! So cold, it turns out, that one of our water pipes froze and burst, apparently. At least there is water dripping from the ceiling, and it’s coming ... 


Mini-Safari at the Lion Park

Getting up close to a lion at the Lion Park in Johannesburg

[Note: The Lion Park has recently gotten negative news for the practice of breeding lion cubs that are later sold to game farms to be used in canned hunts. Most visitors – like me at the time – don’t know about that darker side behind the faces of those cute cubs, so perhaps before ...