13th Birthday in Style

Breakfast at the Westin in Cape Town

As of yesterday, we have another teenager in the house! That sounds like a lot but we’re hopeful the second time around is easier than the first. After all, we’re only halfway there yet. Or less than half-way, some might argue, as the next two are going to be girls.

But I wanted to talk ... 


My Dark Secret

I have a confession to make: I hate hate hate birthday parties. I consider myself a fairly good mother in other ways, but organizing and hosting birthday parties for my kids isn’t one of them.

I hate having to listen to Impatience and Sunshine chattering about their birthday plans most ... 


Looking for a Handcrafted Kindle Cover?

Sunshine with her new Kindle bag

Our youngest daughter Sunshine is extremely lucky in that she has found a best friend who lives three houses down the road. She probably spends more time there than here, and frequently comes home with the most beautiful hand-made items bestowed on her by this loving family, who are also in the business ... 


Stone Town

Every vacation we go on at least one excursion that according to our kids is incredibly stupid and unnecessary. In fact, we probably violate the Geneva Conventions with the kind of torture we inflict on them. Last time around when we were in George, our crime was The ...