My initial impression upon moving here was that South Africa is a baking-challenged nation. Why else should it be so hard to find an ingredient as basic as the chocolate chip? At first I thought maybe I was the challenged one. What with biscuits called scones and cookies called biscuits and pretty much everything else called pudding. Seriously, I had brought a beautiful home-baked apple galette for dessert to a friend’s house, made from a recipe I take great pride in – a buttery and incredibly flakey dough, with just the right amount of sweetness. She called me the next day and thanked me for the pudding.

But subsequent visits of baking aisles at the various grocery stores made me wonder. Maybe South Africa is baking-challenged because it has put its entire baking prowess into the production ... 


Today is Heritage Day

On September 24, South Africans celebrate Heritage Day. It is a holiday meant to encourage everyone to remember their heritage, their culture, their traditions. Even though I’m not South African, it made me wonder: What is my heritage?

I grew up in Southern Germany, raised “schwäbisch,” in other words thrifty with a terrible accent, growing up on my mom’s homemade berry jam and the admonition to work hard and not impose on others. At sixteen I spent a year in the deep deep American South, having had the incredible ... 


Gardening in South Africa

One of the most annoying things about becoming an expat is having to learn certain things from scratch. Like what kind of fish to buy. Which cut of meat you need when you’re looking for flank steak. And the names of the plants around you.

I thought this being spring would be a good time to tell ... 


Got Container Space?

This is a call to all my American readers who’ve come across my blog because they have plans to move to South Africa in the near future. Especially those of you who’ve already booked a moving date. I’d love to have a tiny corner of your container space, if indeed you’re ...