My Shining Moment

It is hard to understand the workings of a South African traffic cop’s mind. Or maybe it is not so hard and he/she  is always thinking about one thing and one thing only, and that is money. But why then are they so inconsistent?

I was driving out towards Diepsloot the other day. It was one of ... 


South Africa’s Hypocrisy

There is not much in this world that I find more detestable than hypocrisy, though we all fall victim to it once in a while until others remind us of it. But to plow through, despite public outcry, with an act that defies what you yourself have preached for years, an act that flies in the very face ... 


My Case for Skipping Christmas

Yikes, is it this time of year again?

The stores have put up their Christmas trees, the kids are practicing carols on their instruments, and I have that nagging feeling that it’s high time to get to work on that list of presents once again. Yet something is very wrong. It is freaking 36 degrees (Celsius, which is somewhere in the ... 


Power Talk

When I opened the kitchen garbage this morning, I came across this scene:

No, I’m not going off on some weird artistic tangent with my photography. I just wanted to use this opportunity to chat to you about electricity. If you’re a man, you may disregard this post, as Noisette tells ...