We Are Rich!

Who knew that we’d have to come to Africa to finally be rich. And I don’t mean just normal rich, I mean super rich. Fifty trillion dollars and counting. You know how they keep talking about the super-rich in the U.S., the 1% of the population who have like 20% of the wealth? Well, I bet ... 


My Resolutions for 2012

Yes, yes, it’s already far into January. But considering the fact that I’m just now receiving the bulk of Christmas cards, you can’t really say that I’m behind in terms of New Year’s resolutions. Remember, we operate on African time here.

But now that I’m done  ... 


The Elephant Whisperer

I know exactly what you’re now saying. How on Earth can she be reviewing yet another book? Which presumably she has actually read? (yes, I do read all of them). If you’re not asking, I’m sure Noisette is. How on Earth can she have time to read when she always claims she’s so ...