Journey into the Past, and the Future


That’s where our mystery trip of kid-free bliss was headed to.

Singapore skyline at night as seen from Marina Bay Sands hotel
I could hardly stand the excitement. And Noisette could hardly stand the excitement of finally sharing this with me, as we were waiting – and waiting – at the Singapore Airlines check-in counter (note to self – or, rather, those who book mystery trips for me: use Internet check-in option next time).
Two very excited travelers on their way to Singapore

Singapore, you see, is where we used to live in the past. From 1998 to 2000, to be exact. It seems like an entirely different lifetime now, and it was. The girls weren’t born yet, the boys ... 


Cut the Bun Already!

Everything is perfect. It’s a Saturday night. The gin tonics are poured. The afternoon thunderstorm has passed and delicious smells are wafting from the grill.

“Honey, can you bring the buns?”

KABOOOOM! (That was me, crashing back down onto the floor of reality). Because what have ... 


Geography Lessons: Part Two

Flag of Pitcairn Islands. Credit Wikipedia

I know ever since I mentioned them you have been dying to learn more about the Pitcairn Islands. Why them, you might ask?

Well, Zax was reeling off the world’s most populous countries to me while I was driving, and I was getting overloaded with too much information, so I had him change course ... 


Geography Lessons: Part One

Indonesian flag from CIA World Factbook

One of the best ways to have a conversation with your teenager is to go driving someplace. I learned all about the Pitcairn Islands on such an occasion this week. Have you ever heard of the Pitcairn Islands?

But actually, let’s start at the beginning. Today you will learn about Indonesia. This ... 


Countdown to Kili: The Test Hike

Groenkloof Nature Reserve is right next to Pretoria - and not far from Johannesburg - and makes for an excellent hiking outing. The city is all around you and initially it seems like we can't even have a conversation because there is so  much traffic noise. But as soon as you round the first bend and encounter a group of giraffes, you are immersed in nature.