Michael’s Dream

Important Update: Michael’s Dream had to be postponed this year because the provincial team decided not to attend the Tuscany Series. If you still wish to donate to Michael’s dream, we will keep the money in a special account until next year. Donations to Alexandra Baseball in general ... 


Giving Birth in South Africa

Before you put yourself in a frenzy and start congratulating me, let me point out that this post is not about me. I just happened to interview a friend some time back about her experience when I was writing an article for the website Expatica. I thought it might be a good idea to re-post it here for those among you who might find it relevant. I HAVE given birth abroad, so I know the feeling. It’s just that two of my babies have since turned into teenagers, meaning I am not so keen to add any more to the teenage pipeline.

I do know that when you’re an expat, one of the things you most worry about is the prospect of giving birth abroad. But it can also be one of the best experiences of your life. Below, Lydie Buwalda tells her story of giving birth (several times over!) in South Africa.

It started fourteen years ... 


Strong Women of Africa

When you live in Africa, you cannot help but note the women around you, every day, carrying what seem to be impossible loads on their heads. It never looks like it’s something made to be carried on your head. Not that I would know, mind you, which items are or aren’t suited to be carried ... 


Umhlanga Rocks and the Oyster Box Hotel

If it seems like we’ve been constantly traveling these past few months, it is because we’ve been constantly traveling these past few months.

Before you turn green with envy, you should know that I typically approach the prospect of another trip with rather a big sigh: Places to research, ... 


My Glamorous Life as an Expat Wife

This one is going to take some work to fit into the Expat Joys series. I mean, how can this scene

and this one

and, briefly, this one

invoke any feelings of joy?

And yes, you’re absolutely right, those toes are in serious need of a pedicure. Which of course is what I go and get every week in my ... 


How to Watch Netflix in South Africa

*** Update September 2016: You now get Netflix in South Africa without the need for what’s described below, except for a streaming device such as Roku, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, or a SmartTV. All you need to do is create a Netflix account using your South African credit card, and you can ... 


Best View in Joburg

Ever since moving here I’ve been on a quest to find the best view of Joburg. Not only because I want to see the nice view, but because I’ve really been kinda wanting a cool header for my blog. Johannesburg has a beautiful skyline, but the trouble is, most places from where you can possibly ...