Diving in the Red Sea

This will be the final part of my Traveling to Egypt with Kids series.

But never fear, it won’t involve nearly as much reading as the previous ones. The reason being that it didn’t involve nearly as much whining by the kids. Because this is the story about what we mainly came to do in Egypt, which is diving in the Red Sea.

And what can’t you do while you are diving?

Talk, that’s right. Which includes the category of whining. It’s much harder to whine using gestures only. And I suppose much easier to ignore.

Plus, you might remember that the whiny kids were the ones on top, snorkeling, with me.

I haven’t been convinced yet to actually take up diving, much preferring to stay at the hotel pool and read my book and then look at all the pretty pictures afterwards, but the one aspect of diving that might convince me is the prospect of absolute silence underwater.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the incredible colors of these following pictures. They were all taken by Noisette, unless otherwise noted, and fiddled around with in Photoshop by me.

Sunshine doing her introductory dive with the instructor

Finding Nemo?

One of my favorites for all the colors in one picture


I love the colors on this one too but I could say that of every one of these so will stop now

Don’t ask me any fish  names but if you know any of them please let me know

Isn’t this the coolest fish? These were actually a bit creepy, I’d run into them when snorkeling
as they were often hanging out right below the surface

Jabulani, always easy to identify (and find in  murky water) due to his white flippers

Wouldn’t want to get too close to this eel

A remora catching a ride

Looks like a Bunny Fish to me, judging by the teeth

Spotted Ray

I love them all, but this is definitely one of  my favorite pictures of this batch

The photographer, with eerie blue forehead. Photo by Zax