Kili Here we Come

My whole life for the next week in a nutshell. And in a whole lot of Ziploc bags. God bless the Ziploc bag

This is it.

All is packed, and Zax and I are getting on a plane (at some ungodly hour – did I tell you we opted for the budget flights?) tomorrow to take us closer (but not really any closer) to our goal. First to Nairobi, then to the foot of the big mountain. To some nondescript hotel, ... 


Road Trip

As you are reading this we are well into our road trip across Namibia, another glorious country of Southern Africa we were determined to see while we live here.

We might have already seen gigantic red sand dunes.
We might have surfed down one of those dunes.
We might have seen lions.


Picture Framing in Joburg

I alway feel slightly guilty giving so much voice on Joburg Expat to mishap and inconvenience, to This is Africa moments, to all the various horror stories of my pampered expat existence. It’s just that they are so much more fun to write about than those times where everything goes smoothly.

So ... 




orgetting, in the heat of the moment, which language it is appropriate to curse in.


eeling annoyed, upon moving to your new country, at having to divide all prices by seven to figure out what things cost. And then finding yourself multiplying all prices by seven when you’re on home leave ... 


Where is Home?

Signs for one of our homes. Maybe the “no outlet” sign has deeper meaning? Photo by Viv Nazarro

Being an expat and having the opportunity to live in an exotic place might sound like a dream come true to a lot of people.But it’s not always easy being an expat.

Aside from all the big hassles moving entails – packing up your household every few years, finding new schools, buying a car, ...