A Boot Camp I Love

I like to be in reasonable shape. It makes me feel good. (And, as I’ve recently found out, it also helps when climbing a mountain).

The problem is, what I don’t actually like are gyms. It took me the longest time to figure this out. I always thought perhaps it’s just a matter of finding the right gym. Like one that is practically next to your house and enormous with all the machines and TVs you could ever wish for, including a health bar with the most delicious smoothies? Nope, it turns out. Because I had exactly that where we lived before in Overland Park. A state of the art Lifetime Fitness colossus that was busier than an airport most mornings.

And therein lies one of the problems. I don’t like having to hunt for a parking space so I can work out. I also don’t like being cooped up inside. I ... 


Tips on Selling a Car in South Africa

I’m pleased to report that I’m now qualified to write about the business of selling a car.Tips on Buying a Car in South Africa has by far been my most-Googled and most-read blog post, so I imagine the back-end of it might be interesting to some folks as well.

So the car is sold and yes, I’m pleased to have that task behind me. What I am less pleased with is that I now don’t have my own wheels anymore, with over two months to go. I’m cursing the stick shift of my little rental, the fact that operating ... 


The Mom Who Knows Things

Apparently I have a reputation. I’ll now pause briefly to clear your brain of all the seedy thoughts that word surely triggered. Not that kind of a reputation. (At least I hope).

A friend of mine recently confided in me the following: Her daughter, when seeking information about some school event, ... 


Kilimanjaro Diary, Day Seven: Down, Down, Down, and Straight to the Bar

Barafu Camp to Mweka Camp to Machame Gate, Sep 7 and Sep 8, 2012

Distance: 12-13 km, 6-7 hours to Mweka Camp and 10 km, 3 hours to Machame Gate
Elevation: 1600 m descent from Barafu to Mweka Camp at 3000 m and 1200 m descent from Mweka Camp to Machame Gate at 1800 m.  

Descending Kili: One minute you’re next to a glacier, and the  next you’re in the rainforest.

Technically, this diary entry begins on the morning of Day six. I had left off with having come ... 


Kilimanjaro Diary, Day Five: A Tent with a View

Karanga to Barafu, Thursday Sep 6, 2012
Distance: 4 km, 3-4 hours
Elevation: 400 m net climb from 4200 m to 4600 m

One of my favorite Kilimanjaro pictures, the view of Kibo from Karanga Valley camp

Going from Karanga to Barafu is a relatively easy hike. As I’ve said before, if you do the Machame Route in six days instead of seven, you’d go all the way from Barranco ...