And the Award Goes to…

When we first got word sometime last year that we’d be moving back to the U.S.A., I had two immediate concerns: Will I still get to climb Kilimanjaro, and will the kids be yanked out from school mid-year again?

From a transition standpoint, pulling all sorts of strings and making the move within ... 


Attack in the Twilight

The following is a guest post by Barbara Bruhwiler.

We are lucky in that no member of our family has a birthday in October. Because during that month, having an evening party is risky in Johannesburg.

You might be attacked.

No, it’s not what you think. The culprit, in this case, is nature.

Picture yourself ... 


The Expat Toilet

row of toilets on wall

Many expat bloggers have written about toilets and their varying functionality across the globe. Perhaps this is so because having a good - excuse me - shit is often the first thing you accomplish upon arriving in distant lands. Or maybe, if your life has just been turned upside down by moving halfway around the world, it just pisses you off - no pun intended - when not even the toilet is what you're used to.


Retiring in South Africa

No, I’m not quite talking about retirement yet. We still have four kids to shepherd through college, so the prospect of us retiring anytime soon is about as unlikely as completing a customer service call with Telkom without being hung up on at least once.

Unless I turn this blog into a book that ... 



“Which places in South Africa do you regret not having seen?”

That’s the question our friends asked us one day over a glass of wine, after we had learned that we’d be moving soon.

It’s not an easy one to answer. There are a million things we would have liked to do before ... 


Hello America

If you are an expat blogger, it is all about first impressions. Your best assessment of a new country comes right in those first few weeks of moving there, when everything you encounter strikes you as new or quirky or bizarre, if not completely alien. You look at the world around you in wonder, mouth ... 


Goodbye Africa

This is it.

The end of the road. And what a glorious road it’s been.

Last week we left the African continent and are now settling into our lives back home (except – where is home?).

We ended it like we began – keeping busy. A last road trip here. A final safari there. A flurry of goodbye parties ...