English. But not from England.

“So you’re raising your children English?”
“Yes, my husband is English.”

I overheard above conversation some time ago while I was waiting, along with other mothers, for our children to perform in a public speaking contest Dainfern College was participating in.

My ears perked ... 



I don’t know what it is. Is it the backpack that arouses suspicion? But I don’t always wear it.

It can’t be the camera either. Because I’ve been leaving that at the apartment after I realized I can take good-enough pictures with my iPhone at a fraction of the  ... 


Watching Memories

The good news about relocating, if there is any, lies in the way some long-lost possessions of yours have a habit of resurfacing. Not exactly long-lost, that is, because truly lost they never were, but lost-from-the-radar.

So it was with an unlabeled DVD that emerged  ... 


The Covenant

Recently, I told you to watch White Wedding if you’d like to get a feel for South Africa and its culture.

But perhaps you’d like to dig a bit deeper and learn something about its history as well?

Many many years ago, when I still had the stamina to read books of a thousand and more pages, ... 


Europe by Rail with Four Kids

I must be insane.

At least that’s what everyone tells me. But it was either flying through creation just to see the grandparents, or flying through creation to see the grandparents and a bunch of really cool cities.

Who doesn’t want to see some cool European cities?

Our family, that’s who.

Or I should ...