Patience vs Efficiency

I’m going to go out on a bit of a controversial limb and make the kind of generalization I myself have warned about. Generalizations lead to prejudices, and prejudices are the foundation of racism.

But one thing that makes expat life so interesting is that you do get to observe how other cultures ... 


Guest Post by Ann Patras: Life in Fourways in the 1990s

When we first visited Joburg in 2009, our relocation agent proudly showed us around the area we had picked to live in. It soon became clear to us that everything pretty much revolved around Fourways. Shopping, restaurants, the fabled Montecasino, doctors’ offices, a cinema – all of it was clustered around a large and busy intersection teeming with cars, minibus taxis, pedestrians, and street vendors. It was like a village of its own.   

I remember feeling surprised when learning that it hadn’t always been that way. Fourways, in fact, had gotten its name by virtue of its original function as a simple fourway stop, out in the boonies where two one-lane country roads met. If I now say, for ... 


Moving Abroad: The Must-Read “Expat Bible”

I have always said that I started Joburg Expat mainly to help other people in my shoes, because before we moved we had such little information. And it is exactly that aspect of my blog that has given me the most gratification. I love hearing from people who’re preparing a move and have come across my blog and find it invaluable.

But a local blog, while a great start, is just one tool in the soon-to-be expat’s toolbox. What’s also a must-have, in my opinion, is a more general How-To manual for expats, no matter where you move. There are certain general topics – schools, healthcare, the trailing spouse – ...