Joburg Expat Hits One Million

I wish it was one million dollars, but it’s just pageviews. The number of times people have looked at (and maybe even read) my blog. Joburg Expat has just surpassed a million of those!

A million! (kinda embarrassing, though, to see it listed under last month’s stats, which were not great)

When I first started Joburg Expat I didn’t have any big readership in mind. I just wanted to share what ... 


Top Gear and Why Africa Stays in Your Blood Forever

Do you have a teenage son? If you do, you might be familiar with dinner conversations that start with “In Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson said…”

For a while, EVERYTHING 15-year old Jabulani wanted to tell us started with those words. Jeremy Clarkson and his two sidekicks were like demigods who could do no wrong. We were treated to endless recountings of Top Gear episodes, which cars they entailed, why this or that one was better than ...