Save the Rhino… By Shopping?

Before I say anything, will you just take a minute and look at these beautiful creatures* roaming this Earth since time immemorial:

What a privilege for me and my family to have been allowed such close-up views of these magnificent beasts! But how much longer, do you think, will they roam the Earth, if rhino poaching in South Africa alone continues at a clip of one rhino killed every eight hours?
reprinted from, a website you should bookmark. 
It is such a shame. And perhaps only shame, or rather shaming, of the people doing the buying of rhino horn which in turn promotes the senseless killing of rhinos can turn back the dial. Which means we have to share this message with as wide an audience as possible. Please share!
There are some other things we can do as well. Many thanks to Alex Lowe for providing the following list.
If you’d like to help, you can donate to:
the International Union for Conservation of Nature (based in Switzerland),
the African Wildlife Foundation (based in the US),
the International Rhino Foundation(also based in the US),
Save the Rhino(based in the UK),
You can also buy rhino stationery, part of the funds from which go to Save the Rhino.
If you have lots of time and little money, you can volunteerat a rhino organization. Even if you’re not in an area with rhinos, there are plenty of things you can do (just email one or more of the above organizations and ask if they have anything you can help with, being up front about how much time you’d like to spend).
If you’re as big a user of Amazon as I am, you can switch to using Amazon Smile and add a rhino charity as your charity of choice. This will donate a small portion of your Amazon purchases to the charity of your choice as long as you shop through Amazon Smile. That’s right, you can go shopping and save the rhinos! (There are even extensions for several browsers to redirect all of your Amazon visits to Smile.)
You can purchase high-resolution images of any of the above pictures from me and I will donate the proceeds to Save the Rhinos. Leave a comment or use the “contact” tab above to get in touch.
Lastly, you can LIKE these Facebook pages, which costs you absolutely nothing: Rangers for RhinosPhotographers for Rhinos, and Save the Rhino International.
William, the first (and best) guide we’ve ever had, at Yellow Wood Game Lodge in the Waterberg,
sharing his passion for (and lack of fear of?) rhinos with us during our first ever game drive.
Our girls may consider themselves very privileged to have this picture of them together with
a rhino in the wild. Who knows how many people will get that opportunity in the years to come?
* As already mentioned, you may purchase high-resolution versions of any of the displayed rhino images from me, and I will donate the proceeds to Save the Rhinos. For further reading on rhinos as well as great white sharks, another endangered species found in Africa, see Shark Fin Soup and Rhino Horn.