Born Procrastinator, Part I

A family of six comes with all types.

I have a husband and a daughter who are superb planners. When confronted with a deadline three months away, they have the ability to instantly backtrack a project start date that makes allowances for events like hurricanes, tsunamis, and as yet unprecedented breakdowns ... 


Top 30 Things I Miss About South Africa

It’s hard to limit this list to something manageable, but here are the things I remember most fondly from our time in South Africa, in no particular order:

  1. Hadedas
  2. Gas station attendants
  3. Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika
  4. Cape Town
  5. Highveld thunderstorms
  6. Jacarandas
  7. Woolworth’s
  8. Weaver birds
  9. The awesome weather
  10. Cape gooseberries
  11. Founder’s Day celebrations
  12. Wine tastings in Franschhoek
  13. Lekker and Kak
  14. Safaris
  15. Street vendors
  16. The Dainfern shit pipe
  17. Sundowners
  18. Eskom (ok, NOT! I just threw that one in to see if you were still paying attention)
  19. Domestic help
  20. Cricket
  21. Avocadoes as main food staples
  22. Yes, Johannesburg
  23. The view of the Magaliesberg from Northcliff Hill
  24. School uniforms
  25. People named Lucky, Innocent, and Pretty
  26. Namibia (ok, technically not in South Africa, but you get my point)
  27. Singing and dancing
  28. Being an expat wife
  29. Lion porn
  30. The African sky

And now, before we get all teary-eyed, here the list of  ... 



I have lately seen a lot of soul-searching within the expat community about the world “trailing spouse.” It’s slightly less loaded than “expat wife” – you know, the one in high heels, cocktail glass in freshly-manicured hands, hanging out poolside with other similarly ...