Observations on Local Wildlife – Part I

As I was lying in bed all night, wide awake, at times squeezed from both sides by equally wide awake (and fidgety) children, I had ample opportunity to listen to the animal sounds wafting trough the open windows: A variety of birds, one of which sounds JUST like Kevin in the movie UP, a meowing cat, ... 


Moving in

March 5, 2010:

Well. As it is, it is raining and gray, even though we are now in South Africa. We are in our new house for the first full day, watching our beautiful pool from the inside because of the thunderstorm. Apparently, they have been quite frequent this year. It is definitely warmer than Kansas, ... 


Getting Joburg Expat kicked off

Yippee! After 5 weeks in Africa, I now have an internet connection, a car, and a cell phone. The blogging can now begin! I will backdate my first few entries to cover the time lag.

March 3, 2010:

Our South African adventure begins. We are waiting for our departure from Washington Dulles airport. The ...