Your Child Will Need to Bring 48 Pencils

I can’t tell you how happy I am that the kids are finally back in school. So far, they actually seem to be happy too. It’s perfect bliss all around.

However, it didn’t come without a price to pay, and that was back-to-school shopping.

Now I know that some mothers LOVE to go back to ...  Continue Reading

Baby Killer

Our neighborhood may be up in arms about the recent coyote scare and the supposed threat to our very own children, but we’ve had a more private and yet not lesser wildlife-related drama unfold at our house over the past week.

It started with me opening the back door when our cat, Findus, was ...  Continue Reading

The Spirit of Christmas

Christmas is all about love, about reflection, about holy thoughts. Right?

In the past few weeks, I’ve had a lot of those in my life. At least once a day I thought the words “I’d love to live somewhere on a distant planet where there is no Christmas; or at least no Christmas ...  Continue Reading

Only in America

NOTHING IS QUITE as exasperating as learning to say “This is Africa” when you first arrive and things are moving along at a glacial pace, or not at all. And yet, nothing is quite as endearing as thinking back to the times you said “This is Africa” while you lived there when ...  Continue Reading

Welcome to Af-merica

Before I strangle someone, can I just say it out loud?

I hate hate hate Comcast!

Okay, now I feel a little better. But now I also realize that I’m not being fair. As many of you know, by virtue of extensive documentation on this blog, my object of intense dislike while living in South Africa was ...  Continue Reading

Killer Instinct

I’m not a hunter. And, as your typical non-hunter, I pride myself in not killing anything that’s alive. Living in peaceful harmony with all the creature of the Earth.  I could never hunt animals to kill them.

Rubbing my bottom raw on bouncy safari vehicles, ducking under low-hanging acacia branches, in dogged pursuit of any living thing to get in front of my camera? Yes. But kill an animal? No. Never.


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