Joburg Traffic

Traffic in Johannesburg is bad. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, trying to sugarcoat it. Granted, there is a lot of construction going on building up to the World Cup in June (and everyone keeps insisting it will all be finished in time but I find this highly unlikely at the speed at which things are happening here), but most of the traffic problems are due to overcrowded streets, too few lanes, and no synching of traffic lights (excuse me, “robots”).

A gazillion people pour into Johannesburg from the townships early in the morning, and then back in the evenings, so that if you live along one of those routes, you are bound to end up in traffic unless you hit the road before 5:45 am. Luckily the sun rises around that time too (no daylight savings ...  Continue Reading

Red Robot

The following comment as I was browsing a Johannesburg travel forum on Wikitravel was making me laugh:

Can someone explain what is a “red robot”? [QUOTE]At night do not stop at red robots.[/QUOTE]

A robot, to all newcomers, is what South Africans call traffic lights! I remember feeling confused ...  Continue Reading