An Expat Kind of Holiday

There is a lot of literature out there about the expat child. How to make the transition easier for him or her, how to ease the pressures, how to make sure they don’t lose their identity with all those international moves. There are psychologists employed by companies who consult expat families, ...  Continue Reading

Moving Day. In Pictures.

I wrote about Moving Day in my last post. Now I thought it would be nice to tell the story again, this time in pictures. It’s actually a collection of several moving days, spanning several  years. Enjoy!

Above: Moving out of Kansas on what must have been the coldest day of that year, 2010. Mental note: don’t move in winter! Arrival in Johannesburg, April 2010: The perfect makeshift office! Three years later, end of 2012, moving back to the USA from Johannesburg. It’s already dark, and still more stuff to be squeezed into the container. Including, at the end, a pair of loose screws and bolts.

The South African packers redeemed themselves partially for the loose screws and the ...  Continue Reading

Seven Times… And Counting?

When a friend recently stressed out over a looming relocation, I wanted to offer some comfort. “Trust me,” I said, “it just takes a little bit of time and you’ll feel better. I know, because I’ve done this a few times.”

And then I asked myself the obvious question: ...  Continue Reading

Let’s Talk Money

*** Note: This post was written in 2012 and cost of living expenses most likely have changed in the meantime, as the Rand has fallen as low as 17 to 1 to the US-dollar, compared to 7 to 1 when we lived in South Africa. As a result, some costs might actually be cheaper as measured in expat dollars, and some might have become more expensive due to higher cost of imports. ***

“What is the cost of living in South Africa?”

This is the question I am asked most often by people contacting me through my blog (behind “How safe is South Africa,” of course), and it is the one I most dread. Because it is very difficult to answer. Firstly, because we are a ...  Continue Reading

Where is Home?

Being an expat and having the opportunity to live in an exotic place might sound like a dream come true to a lot of people.But it’s not always easy being an expat.

Aside from all the big hassles moving entails – packing up your household every few years, finding new schools, buying a car, ...  Continue Reading

Once an Expat Always an Expat

This morning I came across the tiniest evidence of our frequent wanderings around the globe: a mover’s sticker on our sofa (a more fancy word is Balinese Daybed but it’s still really just a sofa), proclaiming “up” to the unknown guys waiting ...  Continue Reading