The Rand Club: Truly a Bygone Era

Entrance to the Rand Club in Johannesburg, South Africa

When I was invited to a networking event at the Rand Club last week, both Noisette and I jumped at the opportunity to see this venerable institution. Even though it was cold and mid-week, both reasons to typically be in bed by 9:00 pm, we wanted to go check it out.

Maybe we should have been suspicious ... 


We Are Rich!

Who knew that we’d have to come to Africa to finally be rich. And I don’t mean just normal rich, I mean super rich. Fifty trillion dollars and counting. You know how they keep talking about the super-rich in the U.S., the 1% of the population who have like 20% of the wealth? Well, I bet ... 


Living Like a Diamond Magnate

I recently mentioned a vacation to you on which we had accidentally started a wildfire. I never wrote about it back then, as that fire had marred our otherwise wonderful memories of an amazing weekend. Only now did I go back through my pictures and realized they had a story to tell. Many thanks ... 


South Africa’s Hypocrisy

There is not much in this world that I find more detestable than hypocrisy, though we all fall victim to it once in a while until others remind us of it. But to plow through, despite public outcry, with an act that defies what you yourself have preached for years, an act that flies in the very face ... 


In the Footsteps of Paul Kruger and the Voortrekkers

Paul Kruger monument in pretoria

A day trip to Pretoria is a must if you are visiting or living in Johannesburg. It offers so much in terms of South Africa's multifaceted history, from Paul Kruger's life (Kruger House Museum) to the fabled Voortrekkers (Voortrekker Monument). But it is also a lovely city in its own right, with beautiful buildings and views everywhere you go - especially during jacaranda season each spring.


Today is Heritage Day

On September 24, South Africans celebrate Heritage Day. It is a holiday meant to encourage everyone to remember their heritage, their culture, their traditions. Even though I’m not South African, it made me wonder: What is my heritage?

I grew up in Southern Germany, raised “schwäbisch,” in other words thrifty with a terrible accent, growing up on my mom’s homemade berry jam and the admonition to work hard and not impose on others. At sixteen I spent a year in the deep deep American South, having had the incredible ...