Things to Pack (and Not to Pack) in Your South-Africa Bound Shipping Container

I got a reader question today that I think is worth sharing with the general public in terms of practical advice when moving to South Africa:

Do you have any tips regarding what is worth shipping in terms of furniture? For example, should we ship our outdoor grill that uses a propane tank? What about gardening tools like wheel barrows, push mower and water hoses? I have a 5 and 1 year old and I am thinking of shipping all of their toys, ...  Continue Reading

I Procrastinate. And I’m GOOD at it!

I’ll come right out and admit it. I’m a procrastinator.

This frequently gets me into hot water with Noisette, who is rather the opposite. He likes to get started so early on things that we often have to climb over mountains of clothes in our bedroom that he has piled in neat stacks two weeks prior to an upcoming travel date.

 ...  Continue Reading

Three Easy Steps for Quickly Settling in Johannesburg

The following is a guest post by Barbara Bruhwiler. Baby steps. Teeny tiny baby steps. That’s what they always recommend in self-help books. “As long as you move in the right direction, it doesn’t matter how fast you move” is one of the mantras in this field. Well, when you move abroad, things are a bit different. While baby steps are not completely wrong, giant leaps are much better. Because according to international research on expats, the faster one settles into the foreign place, the better. Why, you may ask. Why do I have to hurry instead of taking my time? I believe it has to do with our feelings. Before we are settled into our new life, we are in limbo, we haven’t arrived yet. Homesickness, frustration, sadness, even desperation are the feelings that go with this place, and they leave us drained of energy. But when we feel settled in, we experience excitement, interest and pleasure – feelings that lift us up and give us power.
Settling in: Not only the act of getting past THIS, but also a mindset.