Happy Mother’s Day!

Aaaah, Mother’s Day. It’s such a great idea, but it always has the potential to break your heart.

In theory, this is the day of paying tribute to all that we’ve done for our offspring over the course of an entire year. Like held back their hair when they vomited into the toilet, driven ...  Continue Reading

Hitting Rock Bottom in a McDonald’s Bathroom

Writing my last blog post about expat depression reminded me of a time I felt like I’d reached the low point of my life.

It was in December of 2002. At that time we were living in Raleigh, North Carolina, and an ice storm had struck overnight. I woke up in the morning to this scenery: As much as service delivery works in the U.S, the time it breaks down without fail is when natural disasters strike, especially in the form of hurricanes and ice storms that take down power lines. I don’t know if you can see it in the picture, but the tree at the bottom of the driveway took out a transformer box. The entire neighborhood went dark and would stay so for four days.

This was many years before we would move to South Africa. Before we would complain about yet another power outage wrought on us by Eskom.Yet in all the time living in South ...  Continue Reading

Born Procrastinator, Part II

(This is Part Two of the nailbiter “Will Zax finish his German online class in time before graduation?” Click here for part one.)

It is now mid-April 2015. German 303 is nowhere near finished and it is about a month until graduation. The thing is, we’ve been told you can under no ...  Continue Reading

Born Procrastinator, Part I

A family of six comes with all types.

I have a husband and a daughter who are superb planners. When confronted with a deadline three months away, they have the ability to instantly backtrack a project start date that makes allowances for events like hurricanes, tsunamis, and as yet unprecedented breakdowns ...  Continue Reading