Safari as Food

I recently came across this picture in a Johannesburg supermarket (thanks Bing!):

So I thought I should match each of those pate cans with pictures I took of the actual animals you’ll be eating:


 You’ll have to imagine the chicken.

Don’t Scream at Hippos in Pilanesberg National Park

Pilanesberg Game Reserve is only about two hours from Johannesburg (adjacent to Sun City) and a great way to view animals if you don’t have time or money for a stay at a game lodge. No bookings necessary, you just drive up to the gate and buy a day pass (it only cost us a total of R180). You can tour the entire game reserve in your own vehicle, with the warning not to get out of your car, which you should take seriously.

We were reminded of that warning when we had stopped to watch some hippos sunning themselves beside a lake. I had opened the sunroof and angled my camera out of it for a better view when Jabulani and Impatience chose that very moment to have a fight over the window, which quickly escalated in a yelling ...  Continue Reading


I’ve been wanting to write about safaris and game viewing for quite some time. There are so many choices and places to go, it’s hard to even break through the surface. Your inclination, as a freshly-arrived expat, is to wait and get your new life sorted out before you feel like going travelling ...  Continue Reading