Why Rugby Beats Football

Today is Thanksgiving, that most American of holidays, which means that right now around the United States men of all ages (and many women too) are gathered around family TVs to urge on their favorite football team, while delicious smells of roast turkey and sweet potatoes are wafting in from the ...  Continue Reading

The Cycle Challenge Challenge

Just a few more days until the 94.7 Cycle Challenge. The one I so foolishly signed up for, as I told you previously.

I’ve spent the last four weeks being sort of nervous about it. Like whether I would make it through an entire race, never having done one before, not even a short one. More to the point, whether my bottom would make it through an entire race.

And it might very well be the toughest challenge I’ve ...  Continue Reading

I Signed Up for WHAT Challenge?

You go to someone’s housewarming party. The music is good and loud, and you have a few glasses of wine to get yourself onto that dance floor. You have some great conversations with a lot of people, some of whom you’ve never met before. You walk yourself home in a state of bliss way past ...  Continue Reading

A Boot Camp I Love

I like to be in reasonable shape. It makes me feel good. (And, as I’ve recently found out, it also helps when climbing a mountain).

The problem is, what I don’t actually like are gyms. It took me the longest time to figure this out. I always thought perhaps it’s just a matter of finding the right gym. Like one that is practically next to your house and enormous with all the machines and TVs you could ever wish for, including a health bar with the most delicious smoothies?  Nope, it turns out. Because I had exactly that where we lived before in Overland Park. A state of the art Lifetime Fitness colossus that was busier than an airport most mornings.  And therein lies one of the problems. I don’t like having to hunt for a parking space so I can work out. I also don’t like being cooped up inside. I hate locker rooms. And  I’m also terrible at motivating myself to do hard things. What I need is a group of other like-minded people who will push me to test my limits but are also fun to be around, complete with a drill-sergeant who is tough yet charming and lovable. In other words, I need a Boot Camp. Not just any old boot camp, mind you, but the one offered Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Dainfern College. Here is what I love about this boot camp:
  • We are outside in the crisp South African air, taking in one of the nicer views in Joburg (even if that pipe contains you-know-what). I even loved it in winter, when the freezing cold mornings necessitated many layers of clothing. You know why? Because by the time I got home to my freezing cold house I was nicely warmed up and shivered considerably less than on other days.
  • I can walk there from my house, but even if I choose to drive, it is super convenient – I can drop off the kids in the car park and continue on down to the field where there is  never a shortage of parking.
  • We do a monthly fitness test where we record our progress, which may sound bad but it is actually very motivating to see how far you’ve come and try to beat your own score.
  • The people are lovely (and yes, our “teacher,” for lack of a better word, is indeed charming and lovable but still manages to make us do all the things she’s got planned). The group changes somewhat from week to week with new comings and goings, which makes it a good venue to catch up with friends and meet new people.
  • We have VARIETY! This, to me, is the number one reason why I love this boot camp. When I was still trying to go to Lifetime Fitness regularly, I attended one of their classes, thinking the group pressure there would do the trick. But man, I don’t think I ever looked at my watch so many times in such a short period my entire life! That class simply would not end. Each time it was exactly the same spiel: super-hyper Jane-Fonda-esque young thing in impossibly tight outfit hopping around in front to disco beat and chirping what no doubt she thought were motivational messages into her microphone, while rows and rows of us reflected in multiples in the surrounding mirrors were hopping along and staring at the hand of the watch overhead, willing it to move… 
  • There is plenty of space. An entire cricket field, plus an extra one. No limits to how you can spread out. What I hated at that gym was usually being boxed in between two other women (having come late – I am not known for my punctuality), lacking space, in constant danger of being whacked over the head with their kettle bell during an exercise.
Way to Wellness Bootcamp

Gillian Sieling qualified as a certified Personal Trainer through the Health and Fitness Professional Association (HFPA) in 2004, and has been passionately involved in assisting others to achieve their fitness goals ever since.
She is a competitive long distance runner competing in races such as The Two Oceans and the Comrades Marathon. She also recently competed in the South African Marathon Champs in George, on the 13th of Feb, and finished 3rd Lady Vet and 15th overall.
In 2005, Gill began one-on-one Personal training before establishing Fitness Bootcamp in Fernbrook Estate in 2007. The 100% success rate of Bootcamp, in terms of improved fitness levels and steady weight loss, has guaranteed the constant growth of the business.
Kay Hughes, Natasha Aron and Mart-Mari Lesch joined the Way to Wellness team. What a dynamic, passionate, dedicated and committed team they are!
Way to Wellness has now grown from strength to strength at the following venues:
Saint Stithians School – September 2010 
Vodacom – March 2012
Dainfern College – May 2012
The Way to Wellness team is strictly committed to enhancing the lives of those whom we train both physically and mentally. Each and every person is encouraged and enticed to reach their full potential.

Contact details:
Gillian Sieling
Email: gills@gwisa.com
Mobile: 082 389 9100

I mentioned variety. Any morning we show up at Boot Camp it’s a complete surprise as to what we’ll do. Except of course for the fact we’ll definitely ...  Continue Reading

I’ve Become a Rugby Mom

All I used to fret about in my previous life was showing up on time.

Four kids. Two sports per child. Three after-school hours. You do the math. I spent so much time in my car that I had secret dreams of fitting it out with a wardrobe, and a cupboard, and a desk. Just to keep all the stuff I lugged ...  Continue Reading

Guest Post: What is Netball?

In a first for Joburg Expat, today’s feature is a guest post. I was cleaning up my hard drive when I came across some files I didn’t recognize. Curious, I started reading, and it turns out that Sunshine must have been busy writing her stories, as she is prone to do. I can always tell by the colorful fonts when it was her. I thought this would make for a nice little guest post, since she has been asking to write one for a while. Plus it will give you something to read while I sort through our Botswana pictures, which might take years for all I know. I almost miss the days when film was expensive and you thought twice before pressing that shutter button. These days I sit there in agony not knowing whether to keep the picture of the elephant with the trunk up or the trunk down or perhaps rather the one with the trunk slightly in between up and down. And don’t even get me started on the three hundred leopard pictures. 
What is netball?  by Sunshine, age 9

Well, a net is something provided for a ball to go through. And a ball is what goes through the net. So my point is that the whole objective of the game is to get the ball trough the net as many times as possible. 

I  ...  Continue Reading