Spud the Movie [click for more]

If you’ve grown up in South Africa and gone to school there, my guess is you will know (and love) the Spud book series by John van de Ruit:

If you are not South African and new to the country, I highly recommend you get these books. If you aren’t much of a reader, opt for ... 


Exclusive: Interview with Tony Park, Africa’s New Wilbur Smith

interview with Tony Park by Joburg Expat

Tony Park is an Australian author who writes novels set in southern Africa, with a focus on South Africa. His books are sold around the world with two, Ivory and The Delta, so far available in the U.S.  He recently launched his 13th novel, Red Earth, which is set in KwaZulu Natal. He is a fellow expat, spending six months of every year in Africa where he has a house near the Kruger Park.


Ticket to Timbuktu

Remember the faraway places you read about as a child, and the sense of wonder you felt at their mention?

One such place for me was Zanzibar. I’m not sure exactly where I got my information, but it might well have been a story from Arabian Nights. I’d lie in bed long after my mother ... 



I have lately seen a lot of soul-searching within the expat community about the world “trailing spouse.” It’s slightly less loaded than “expat wife” – you know, the one in high heels, cocktail glass in freshly-manicured hands, hanging out poolside with other similarly ...