Ticket to Timbuktu

Remember the faraway places you read about as a child, and the sense of wonder you felt at their mention?

One such place for me was Zanzibar. I’m not sure exactly where I got my information, but it might well have been a story from Arabian Nights. I’d lie in bed long after my mother ... 


Top 10 Must Visit Places in South Africa

“Hi, I have recently moved to Johannesburg and will be here for couple of years. Would it be possible for you to share the top 10 must visit places in SA with me. Thanks in advance!”

When I recently got this question from a future expat, I penned out a quick response without much thought. It wasn’t that hard to select 10 must visit places in SA, to be honest, because in our two years there we hadn’t really been to any MORE than 10 places. Much of our travels took us ... 


Travel in Namibia

You may remember that our family made an almost epic road trip through Namibia in August of 2012. It was meant to be the last hurrah of our African adventure. Just weeks earlier we had found out we’d be moving back to the U.S. by the end of that year (with Noisette actually having to start his ... 


Road Trip to Namaqualand

Looking back on our three years in South Africa, we didn’t take nearly enough road trips. The one gigantic road trip we did take was our Tour de Namibia (otherwise known in our family as “Double Buckled in the Middle of Nowhere” – watch this space for a book of that name coming out some day), taking us through big portions of South Africa and Botswana to get there.    Road trips are such a great way to get to know the country you live in. Which is why I’m pleased to bring you this blog post, via my dear friend Ina de Klerk, a veteran South African road-tripper and photographer. And you know what, in her account there won’t be any squabbling kids or spilled Cokes on the backseat, or a fight over electronic devices, as there are bound to be when I’m the one reporting about road trips with our family.    So sit back and enjoy the peaceful ride!

Dr. Livingstone, I presume…

by Ina de Klerk

If you should ask me about my favourite part of South Africa, my answer would likely be the last place I have been to. But there are some very special places that I always dream of going back to. One such place is the Northwest corner of South Africa, the outermost edge of the Northern Cape ... 



I don’t know what it is. Is it the backpack that arouses suspicion? But I don’t always wear it.

It can’t be the camera either. Because I’ve been leaving that at the apartment after I realized I can take good-enough pictures with my iPhone at a fraction of the  ...