Blog Maintenance

Hi everyone,

As you might have noticed, Joburg Expat is getting a new look. We are currently finalizing all the changes. Please bear with us while we complete this process, which may take a few days. You may not find the page you’re looking for during this time. Please be patient, and we’ll ...  Continue Reading

Moving Day

It is moving day. Soon, the packers will show up in droves and you house will look like a battle zone. You have your last cup of tea in peace, and you think of what is to come.

The doorbell will ring, and you’ll welcome the moving crew inside. You’ll show them the different rooms, and all ...  Continue Reading

My Resolutions for 2012

Yes, yes, it’s already far into January. But considering the fact that I’m just now receiving the bulk of Christmas cards, you can’t really say that I’m behind in terms of New Year’s resolutions. Remember, we operate on African time here.

But now that I’m done  ...  Continue Reading

Do I Write or Do I Draw?

As you all know, my passion these days is writing, Hence this blog. Even though lately I’ve been a bit behind, running out of pre-scheduled posts (even though I have ideas and material for at least six months, I’m sure).

But one of my other interests is drawing and painting. In fact, Noisette ...  Continue Reading