Moving to South Africa? Attend Our First Ever Webinar!

When I recently got introduced to Hannah Pirnie, another long-time expat in Johannesburg who herself is a great resource for newbie expats with her Translating Me service, we came up with the idea of starting a Webinar series for people who have questions about moving to South Africa. I'm excited to announce our kick-off event with the topic "5 Mistakes To Avoid Your First Month in South Africa."


The Best Story About Baseball That’s Not Just About Baseball (Part 2): The Alexandra Fundraising Challenge

members of Alexandra Baseball team warming up before practice

Have you read Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson? The idea was to build schools in Afghanistan, but the story was about more than building schools. That's how it has been for our group of expats supporting Alexandra Baseball. It's about giving young people opportunities to build self-esteem and teamwork and make something of themselves in an environment where few such opportunities exist.


The Best Story About Baseball That’s Not Just About Baseball (Part 1): Africa On Deck

baseball players in Alexandra township near Johannesburg

We had moved from the U.S. to Johannesburg earlier that year. After the initial frenzy of buying a car, securing the elusive Traffic Register Number for foreigners, and getting the Internet connected, I was ready to tackle the American mother's oh so important task: finding new sports teams for my kids. This is how I stumbled upon Alexandra Baseball. The rest, as they say, is history.


Does Recess Need Coaching? Not in South Africa!

South African school children at recess

My favorite time to walk over the leafy campus of Dainfern College was recess. There would be hundreds of kids milling about, with no teacher to be seen. No one seemed to care whether the kids used the time to eat their lunch or not. Boys would be running around barefoot, their uniforms disheveled, kicking soccer balls that would frequently hit unsuspecting bystanders.


Around Joburg: An Outing to Rietvlei Nature Reserve

lilac breasted roller in South Africa

Rietvlei Nature Reserve is located right next to Pretoria within easy reach for anyone living in Gauteng. It's lake is a popular windsurfing spot, something you normally wouldn't think of doing on the Highveld. It's also a popular bird watcher's destination, and it has a lion enclosure. It may not live up to the big South African game reserves but makes for a nice day trip.


How to Survive Your First Few Months as an Expat in South Africa, Part I

So you’ve taken the plunge. Someone has convinced you that you’re special and talented. Your company could really use someone with your specific skillset at the branch in South Africa. Now you’ve just arrived in South Africa, and you’re filled with bright-eyed wonder. If you’re reading this, great news: you managed to find an internet connection. That’s your first win. Now what?