Lost and Found: More Tales of the South African Postal Service

a Christmas card lost in the South African postal service for two years

I thought I was done with tracking Christmas Cards making their way through the South African Postal Service and writing about it on my blog. But when mail gets returned to you and you look at the date you sent it and then check today's date on the calendar, and what you see makes your eye pop out of your head, then you feel compelled to write another blog post. Enjoy!


Moving with Crown Relocations

Crown Relocations moving truck in front of Table Mountain

Altogether, I have moved seven times in my life. Five of those were international moves. And six of them were with children in tow. So I think it's not too much of an exaggeration when I say I know a little bit about moving around the world. By far our best experience came when Crown Relocations did our shipping for us. Read more about their services here.


Helping Horses Help Children: A Win-Win for Everyone

Horses helping people at Shumbashaba in Northern Johannesburg

When we lived in South Africa, I would take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and sit on a little bench up on a hill overlooking the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg, the sun warming my skin, a slight breeze keeping the summer heat at bay, letting my mind drift while watching my kids' riding lessons. Here is why Shumbashaba stables might be great for you too.


Why Recycle Only USED Paper?

recycling paper

This is a typical "This is Africa" anecdote of the kind that I've so come to miss over the years. It's a story of thievery and deceit, ingenuity and cunning. Like so many stories set in Africa, it somehow has the power to make you smile, even if one cannot condone or admire the perpetrators. In any other place on Earth it would be met with condemnation, but This is Africa!