Moving in

March 5, 2010:

Well. As it is, it is raining and gray, even though we are now in South Africa. We are in our new house for the first full day, watching our beautiful pool from the inside because of the thunderstorm. Apparently, they have been quite frequent this year. It is definitely warmer than Kansas, but it is also summer here. The end of summer, to be precise. Three more months to the World Cup.

The last two days have been very busy. We had an uneventful flight, with Zax vowing flying in business class was so beautiful that he couldn’t possibly ever go back to the drudgery of coach, and Felix, for the first time in ages, NOT throwing up (thanks to new Drammamine non-drowsy formula but which he also attributes to the virtues of business class), but instead sleeping pretty much throughout the entire flight, including the crew change and cleaning in Dakar. We were picked up at the airport by G, Noisette’ driver, who speaks his native Zulu, some other African language the name of which I’ve forgotten, English, and Afrikaans. According to Noisette he is also a scratch golfer who has caddied for some big-name golf players. He delivered us (a convoy of three cars to carry the six of us and our 10 pieces of luggage) safely to our new home in Dainfern Valley. Unfortunately, Impatience forgot her backpack in the trunk, so that she didn’t have her favorite bear Bibi that night. It being the very first night in a scary new country and an even scarier sounding school looming in the morning, after 2 days of travel and a huge fight with her brother over bedroom assignments, this was decidedly not a good thing.

By the way, we live in a neighborhood called Dainfern Valley, somewhere in the North of Johannesburg.

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