The Second Shopping Trip

School Uniforms:

Today was a Saturday, which meant that we’d have our own car (or actually, a rental car, a little old Toyota, because the company car hasn’t materialized yet either) which we would have to cram into for a trip to Fourways Shopping Centre and the school uniform store. The name of the place is McCullagh & Bothwell, which, together with the whole uniform/boarding school environment, made me feel like we were in 19th Century Scotland. (A quick trip to the McCullagh & Bothwell website confirms this, as it says there they were established in 1896).

Armed with our supply list from the school, we proceeded to fit everybody into various garments – for the girls 2 dresses each, 1 jersey, which turns out to be a sweater, hair accessories, white socks, black shoes, hats, and shorts and a polo shirt for P.E., the same for Felix except navy dress shorts and a golf shirt instead of a dress and long navy socks instead of white ones, and for Zax long dress pants which will have to be shortened, a white button-down shirt, a blazer, and a tie. It probably took us a good two hours to try everything on and check it off our list, which seriously tested Noisette’ patience. Zax, surprisingly, was a good sport about it, although he maintains that he cannot possibly tuck in his shirt (“that would look horrible”) and that he will not be seen in his P.E. shorts because they do not come down over the knee. But I’m sure, come Monday, the fact that everyone else will wear exactly the same clothes, will somewhat soften his stance. I understand that he is very nervous about the first day, I would feel the same way. Felix, as always, was very easygoing, trying everything on without complaint. The girls, being girls, were excited about any opportunity to try on and actually receive new clothes, which is fortunate. I think, at that age, I would have thrown a complete fit about being stuck in a stiff plaid dress and black dress shoes.
In case you’re interested, the whole school uniform shopping spree cost us R5700. I do not even want to convert that, but it is a ton of money! And guess what: That was only for the summer uniforms. Next month, we will switch to winter uniforms, so we will soon be back at McCullagh & Bothwell’s.

We finished the outing with lunch at Fournos, the highly-praised bakery, but exhausted kids made for a less than stellar experience. Impatience didn’t like her French Toast because the “syrup wasn’t right,” Sunshine was in tears because the lemonade had bubbles, and Noisette got mad because Sunshine had insisted on pouring the ketchup herself and ended up with a lake of ketchup on her hamburger. And everyone was in hysterics about the wasps that were circling our food, which prompted Impatience to start sobbing that this was a horrible place. Time to go home and be done with the day! We picked up two DVDs at Chaplins DVD Rental and spent the rest of the day relaxing by the pool and watching Parent Trap and Delta Farce. I even managed to alter the buttons on the girls’ dresses – not a bad day’s work.

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