Recycling in Joburg

I’m happy to report that I just got our recycling set up. Recycling is not very big here, and I almost got used to throwing everything in the trash over the past few months, but not quite. It turns out there is recycling, but not for free. I went with Mama She’s Waste Recyclers and pay R45 per month (about $6) for weekly pickup, with a R100 setup fee. In return, they pick up pretty much everything that’s recyclable and provide blue bags for you, no separating necessary. All in all, I think this is a very good price for giving me a better conscience, plus now I won’t have to bribe the trash collectors anymore when our trash can overflows.

For completeness’ sake, the other local recycling outfit I found is Whole Earth but they are more expensive (R500 upfront for a bin – must be the mother of all bins! – plus R70 per month) and only pick up every other week.

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