Dustbin Saga – Still Going Strong!

Do you remember my dustbin saga? I won’t blame you if you don’t, as it’s been a long time, and I myself had quite forgotten about it. To refresh your memory, the last I wrote was that finally, lo and behold, we got our new dustbin, after which the municipal workers promptly went on strike, improving our situation somewhat from smelly bags collecting in our garage to a smelly bin overflowing outside of our garage. But the strike, too, passed, and we’ve lived happily ever after.

Until today, when I was getting my hair cut – for the first time since moving here! – and received a call on my mobile phone from the security gate: “I’ve got a man delivering a new dustbin for you, can I let him in?”

“Huh?” was my initial reaction, trying to piece things together while the hairdryer was blowing into my ear. But then it became quite clear to me: What so miraculously had appeared on our driveway, right within the promised 7-day time frame (that should have made me suspicious right there!), was not the promised PIKI TUP delivery, but rather our own, presumed stolen, trash can, returned from the neighbor whose maid must have accidentally taken it to their house and kept it for several weeks – despite us asking around on both sides – and didn’t bother telling us about it.

Just so you know, I checked the records, and my request to the City of Joburg is dated March 30. Today is July 15. It took them precisely three and a half months to deliver our new trash can. Just a wee bit longer than the promised 7 days!

So now we have two dustbins, at a time when we have no more moving boxes and a weekly recycling service. Maybe we should keep the extra one in reserve? But I think I’m rather inclined to give it to our maid ¬†who was very impressed I got the new dustbin so quickly, while she has been waiting for her promised delivery for 3 years.

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