Johannesburg Climate

I don’t know about you, but whenever we’re moving someplace, the first thing I’m checking out is the weather. Yes, education is important, so I researched a lot of schooling options, and yes, you don’t want to die either, so in the case of South Africa I researched safety as well (though if you google “crime South Africa” you would never move here if you believed all those horror stories floating around the Internet). But honestly, what I really care about is the weather. And let me tell you, we have not been disappointed!

Johannesburg in spring: New weaver bird nests are being built

We haven’t experienced real summer yet, but from what I’m told it resembles a tropical climate, with half-hour thunderstorms but otherwise sunny skies every day. So, in summary, Johannesburg really only offers you two seasons: A wet season from October through March, and a dry season from April through September with two months of cooler weather in June and July. Or, if you will, ten months of summer and two months of winter, all of which are sunny. The only downside I can detect is that the lack of humidity makes for pretty cold pool water, and not many houses come equipped with solar panels. Obtaining a quote for the installation of that is the very next item on my list. I’ll tell you what I find out!

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