Pros of Living in South Africa

I just came across this post on an expat forum and thought I’d share it, as another point of view why South Africa is a great place to live:

The diversity 

Part of the country is desert. Part is Mediterranean in both appearance, lifestyle and climate. Part is tropical. Part is African Savannah. Part is rolling mountains. Even the cities. Parts could be in the South of France or California parts could be in Detroit, and then again parts could in Lagos. 

The people

The Europeans are a scattering of everything. From classic “boere” living with values from 150 years ago to cosmopolitan modern youths. Blacks, Whites, coloreds, Asians all with different culture within their culture. But all sharing one South African trait of friendliness. A sincere “How are you today ?” and a “How can I help you ?” are just not that forthcoming in much of the western world anymore. Children who still respect their elders and men who still have manners and ladies who aren’t ashamed to know how to bake. 

Add to obvious in that. Beautiful game farms and beaches and a wonderful variety of outdoor actives to do and the weather to do them in. Never too hot or too cold and almost always sunny. Awesome cuisine and wine. 

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