A Face Lift for Joburg Expat

I spent the last weekend getting deeper into this blog’s HTML code than I ever wished for, as I much prefer to research and write content, but some work needed to be done. As Joburg Expat has grown over the past year, it has accumulated a huge amount of tags or labels from Afrikaans to Impala Poop Spitting to Zulu which were displayed in one huge unwieldy word cloud down the right side. I felt the blog was getting too cluttered to be useful to new readers.

Anybody who uses Blogger most likely shares my frustration about the lack of categories. And no, categories are not the same as labels you attach to a post, much as some people want you to believe that. For instance, if I want to have Bureaucratic Hassles as a main category, and Eskom, Telkom, City of Joburg, and about twenty others as subcategories which then point to the respective posts, I can’t do that in Blogger, whereas in WordPress I could. However, I’m stuck with Blogger and actually quite happy with some other features, so my only choice was to use the label functionality and some hacks I found to make Joburg Expat more organized.

I’m quite pleased with the results. You will now find a few main categories such as Expat Tips, Schools, Travel and Around Joburg as tabs along the top, from where you can link to any of the posts with that topic. As I didn’t have unlimited space there, I’ve also listed some further common South African expat topics down the right side, such as Crime and Security, Weather, and Domestic Help. As for all the other tags, I’ve now added a “search this blog” box in the top right corner that should help you find stuff nicely. And of course you can still search through all my posts historically by clicking on the relevant month in the archive. Oh, and I’ve also added an FAQ tab along the top which is still very much under construction and to which I’ll add in the coming months. Your questions/suggestions are always welcome!

Note: The post where I got the information is no longer available. But Google “transform Blogger labels into pages” and you’ll likely find an answer. Full disclosure: I have since migrated to WordPress, which in my opinion is superior for the serious blogger. Or even for the beginner.

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