A Growing Blog – What Next?

The readership of Joburg Expat has expanded fast over the last couple of months and I’m thrilled to receive more and more questions from future expats planning a relocation to South Africa and Johannesburg in particular. Helping you with your decision and move was the whole idea behind starting this blog. It’s also very cool to look at the world map and see where my blog is being read – still mostly in the U.S. and South Africa, but England is catching up, France and Sweden seem to be growing, and I’m always amazed when I get visited from places like Egypt, Malaysia, or Iran. But I suppose there are expats all over the world.

So I’ve changed the face of my blog a little to make it easier to navigate, and I’ve also signed up for those Google ads (mainly because they put their AdSense in my face everywhere I turned, and I was curious). But now that I’ve seen the first ad they’ve placed (and of course it had to be a singles ad, as they all seem to be) and how big and prominent it is, I’m having second thoughts. Maybe that’s not the kind of blog I want to have.

My feel is that I’ll wait a while and see where it goes. I’m one to scorn all online ads and inclined to think they don’t even work, but maybe the reality is different. Please bear with me through this experiment, but I’d lovve to hear your opinion in the meantime!

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