A New Year in Africa

It makes such a big difference whether you are a new arrival in Africa, or whether you’ve been there and done that last year, a returning expat so to speak, though we haven’t really been away. It’s a new year, and everything seems so easy all of a sudden here at Joburg Expat!

The kids are going back to school tomorrow (finally moving up from those grades they’ve lingered in forever, it seems), so I’ve been cruising around the last few days getting things gathered and taken care of. Everything dropped off my list like clockwork. Haircuts for the kids at Chop It, no appointment necessary and in and out in 10 minutes: check. New school uniforms for Jabulani (moving up to grade 7 and needing long pants and blazer) and Impatience (not needing anything but wanting the newly designed skirt and blouse) at McCullagh & Bothwell: check (though Dainfern blazers were out and a new patch needed to be sewn on, but even that as promised within one day including a call to inform me!). A few last missing school supplies at Walton’s: check. A case of Mulderbosch Chardonnay at Boot Leggers, though not at all on my list but conveniently spied next door to Walton’s: check. Renewal of PO box rental due before February 1 at Dainfern North post office: check.

This last one was the most amazing – where I previously had to tote lease agreements and passport copies and other important papers documenting and detailing our life, all I had to do this time is bring the renewal notice that was in the mail, and boom – renewed. We seem to have graduated to insider status in South Africa! Oh, and before I forget – the first Eskom invoice of the year has fluttered in, and NO MORE INTEREST ON OVERDUE ACCOUNT CHARGES!

It seems to be the most promising new beginning.

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