Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It has been raining and raining in Joburg the last couple of days. South Africa is a semi-arid country. I guess we are in the non-arid half of semi-arid.

Big rivers are flowing through the streets. Slightly smaller but still impressive rivers are flowing through our garage, where we have been playing musical chairs trying to move our stuff away from the rising tide. The upper floors aren’t faring much better, as we can see new water stains on the ceilings (shoddy construction does not seem to be unique to Overland Park, KS, where our tenants inform us of the exact same stains every time it rains). Mounds of red dirt have been washed into intersections, and new potholes are emerging at an alarming rate.

The good news is that I have not had to water our lawn in over a month, thereby drastically reducing our City of Joburg bill. And it’s also true that when the sun does come through, it dries everything up so quickly you can’t believe it has ever rained. But I’m just wondering about this climate. We were told this is NOT normal. That it usually only rains in summer for about half an hour each afternoon when there are thunderstorms. But from what I can tell Joburg has had this kind of rainy season for the last several years. The hottest summer month we’ve had was in October before the rains started, which was technically only spring.

It feels like we’re living in London with all this drizzle. I’m thinking of buying an umbrella.

But in the grand scheme of things, we still have lovely weather in Joburg!

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