An Update on the Alexandra Baseball Project

Even though we don’t have our equipment yet for Alexandra Baseball (shipping stuff to South Africa takes time, and, in a country that has produced Eskom, it also takes bureaucratic tenacity!), I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a status report.

players of the Alexandra Baseball Club
Alexandra players with the old laptop I donated

A huge thank you to those of you who’ve helped out. We are now at over $1,800 or ZAR13,600, enough to get the equipment shipped and some more! I was stunned at the outpouring of support, first from a large number of Singaporeans – who, you should know, don’t even play baseball in their country – and then from many of my friends back in the U.S. (who I had prodded to uphold our country’s honor by catching up with Singapore).

This player will be happy to receive some proper cleats!

We’ve also received generous donations from Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, and South Africa itself, making this a truly international effort.  But the most humbling moment came yesterday, when I received a donation from Japan. Someone out there, in a country so full of misery at this moment in history, was thinking of somebody else’s misery and decided to help. I was stunned in the face of such generosity.

Due to the surplus in funding over and above the shipping cost, I have decided to divert some of it to enable several players and coaches to go to the Interregional Tournament, which will be held from April 3-7 in George this year. I hope this is okay with those of you who’ve donated. Several Alexandra players had qualified to represent the province of Gauteng, but the lack of money jeopardized their participation. They are now very excited to be packing their bags, and are hoping to get a chance to be seen by some of the MLB scouts who are sure to make an appearance. The best of luck to those players and coaches Tedius and Ron who will accompany them, and thanks again to you, my readers, to have made it possible!

Coaching and administrative staff of Alexandra Baseball

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