Fried Rice in South Africa via Singapore

What I love about living in South Africa is the truly international group of friends we’ve made (in addition to all the wonderful South Africans). I can go out for coffee and have flavors of Spain, Austria, Kenya, Turkey, Holland, England, Belgium, America, and Germany in my conversation. And, thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Bing, I can now have flavors of Singapore in my food!

We had recently talked (over coffee of course) about all the things I loved about Singapore (we lived there from 1998 to 2000), and when the conversation soon turned to food I mentioned Chinese Sausage, which she told me is called “Lap Cheong” or 臘腸 (I hope that’s right). Zax used to absolutely love fried rice with this sweet-tasting sausage in it and still talks about it to this day. So Bing said she’d bring me some back from her next trip to Singapore, which she promptly did, and after our  next coffee about a month later I was the proud owner of a package of Lap Cheong.

You have to submerge the sausages in boiling water for a few minutes so that you can peel off the skin

So I made fried rice with it last weekend, armed with Bing’s helpful instructions. I didn’t get off to a good start, however, on the most basic part of it: cooking the rice. In my defense, I’ve cooked rice millions of time and never had a problem, but I usually cook it while cooking something else in the kitchen, which helps me watch the rice. This time, however, I wanted to do it the correct way and use overnight rice that is nice and dry. So I got it started, left the kitchen to read the newspaper on the patio, and promptly forgot about it. About half an hour later, Noisette and I were wondering why there was a smell of roasted coffee present, but it still took me another 10 minutes to go and check my kitchen, where it turns out severely burned rice does produce an odor similar to roasted coffee. Needless to say, I had to make new rice and my arms got exercised very well that day from all the scrubbing.

Try to use very dry ingredients so that your rice does not get soggy
I enlisted some help in the kitchen

What a wonderful meal we enjoyed that evening. And a nice break from Boerewors, Biltong and Rusks. Thank you Bing! 

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