Giving Back

I know I’ve rallied hard in the past month for donations for the Alexandra Baseball League, and I’m very grateful for the funding we’ve received to date (more on that in my next post). But I’m not the only one out there, and today I wanted to give credit to my friend Bing (who was very instrumental in rallying for a large part of our donations from Singapore), who is doing admirable work collecting and distributing supplies to various programs in the poorest townships.

Boys in the Kliptown Youth Program
Bing with some kids from the Kliptown Youth Program

If you have a moment, take the time to read her blog post on “Giving Back in South Africa.” It is incredibly inspiring, and you will also find that she takes great pictures! Make sure you watch the little video of a performance given to her and some other donors by a youth program in Kliptown. It always amazes me how kids who have so little can be so happy and generous with their time. It really makes you reflect on your own values in life.

donations for Door of Hope in Johannesburg
Bing’s donations to The Door of Hope


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