Strong Mothers Strong Sons

I recently took part in a parenting workshop sponsored by Dainfern College, our kids’ school. It was facilitated by Megan de Beyer, a psychologist who has run a number of these “Strong Mothers Strong Sons” courses throughout South Africa and in California.

Although expat life and parenting are strongly intertwined for me (in a sense, one has strengthened the other), I’ve put more detailed notes about this workshop on my parenting blog, Desperate Mothers, for those of you who are interested. But just as a brief overview, here are some of the main messages (in Twitter format, if you will):

  • Love your son as a separate person and a gift to you
  • Recognize your son’s ownership for his growth
  • If you keep your eye on the problem you will continue to bump into it
  • Parenting is relationship building
  • A good relationship with his family inoculates a boy against harmful behavior
  • Stop nagging and simply be present
  • Own your emotions
  • Accept that there is a place for laziness in your son’s life
  • Create times that are free of pressure and conversations that are free of judgment
  • Families who play together and pray together will stay together
  • Your son’s natural passion and creativity has to come from within him, not from within you
  • Don’t let your ego interfere with your parenting
  • Be honest about what you’re raising your child to be
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Note: Megan de Beyer will be back in Johannesburg for another Strong Mothers Strong Sons workshop 10-13th June 2011 at St.Stithians. Please contact her directly at if you are interested in attending.

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