US Consul General’s Cocktail Reception

One of the perks of living as an expat in a major city such as Johannesburg is that you get invited to the annual cocktail party at the US Consul General’s house. You just don’t get these opportunities in Overland Park, Kansas!

house of the American consul in johannesburg South Africa
Reception at the US General Consul’s house in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2011

So last Thursday, Feb 24th 2011, I donned my (one and only) cocktail dress and high heels, armed myself with my camera, and set out to Houghton, a beautiful residential area in Johannesburg. Noisette was travelling on business, so it was just me. The consul’s house did not disappoint, looking just like you might imagine a consul’s residence – beautiful decor, a large patio perfect for the occasion, a backyard under a canopy of majestic trees, and the Polish embassy next door. There also was a gorgeous lawn, but I’m afraid I didn’t quite appreciate its beauty, more worried about the fact that I proceeded to aerate it with my pointy heels (I think I was not the only one!).

It was a fun-filled evening with good company, good food, a silent auction for some nice treats – such as the Wild Coast romantic getaway I successfully bid on and have yet to tell Noisette about – and, as the highlight, a very entertaining speech by Andy Passen, the Consul, about his recent exploits on his bicycle.

Let me just tell you, he is a very brave man to even attempt to bike on Johannesburg roads, and I’m not the least bit surprised it ended how it did, but it made for a good story (like mishaps of an expat often do). There seemed to be no permanent damage (if you don’t count the bike or rather bikes) and he earned himself a fancy new bike helmet donated by the American Society.

If you’re interested in next year’s reception, or other American-inspired events throughout the year, such as the 4th of July party, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and much more, you should join the American Society of South Africa.

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