Walking the Tightrope at JoziX


Another place I’ve been wanting to add to my “What to Do in Joburg” list is JoziX, so when Sunshine’s birthday needed a venue, I was glad it was her choice. I’m so NOT a kids’ birthday party person and tend to procrastinate to the very end, but the prospect of taking some nice action pictures made me not dread it quite so much. Taking pictures would pass me the time. Little did I know that I myself was going to go swinging from bars like an ape (yes, a picture of that is coming up)!




JoziX is a sort of amusement park, but not quite. You don’t climb into rides, you climb up high things of which most likely you will fall off again quickly, which will make you want to try again. The falling off part is arguably the biggest fun of it. There are tightropes, trapeze swings, a sort of jousting on a high beam, rock climbing walls, and a tricky rope ladder that has a tendency to move out from under you. In the summer there are also slip-n-slides but they were closed this time of year.





It’s conveniently located in Bryanston (corner Sloane/Main, you can see it when turning East onto the N1 from William Nicol). A great place for birthday parties (bring your own refreshments) but also just fun family outings. R120 a person, group discounts available.


I’m nursing some very sore armpits today!

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