Into the Wilderness

Remember how, when writing about Victoria Falls, I concluded with these words:

I suspect Zax will also want to do the bungee jump off the bridge, but if I know one thing for certain in my life it is that I will NOT be doing that! There is, however, also a zipline across the river (called foofie slide or something similar in these parts) which I might be convinced to try on our next visit”.

Well – we haven’t yet returned to Vic Falls, but we recently had a spare long weekend when the kids were out of school for four days and we set off to explore the area around George or what’s called the Garden Route for the first time, and these words came back to haunt me.

In its planning stages, it all started as a romantic weekend getaway for Noisette and me, but somehow it morphed into a large family outing and we found ourselves in the company of six kids who wanted to be entertained. Our own four kids plus two additional boys who were spending two weeks here as exchange students.

There were plenty of activities on offer, and of course I was dragged into doing the three things that scare me most in life. It all sounded pretty exciting from the comforting distance of  “maybe next time I’ll try it” but trust me, I was plenty jittery when I – as my kids will attest, the person most terrified of heights on the entire planet – spent a long afternoon twenty or more meters above ground swinging between trees like Tarzan (or, rather, Jane). I am even more terrified of watching my kids go close to any precipice but yet I watched my oldest fling himself off the highest bungy bridge in the world (I just about die every time I watch the video). And I hate, absolutely hate, going through tall waves in a small boat (I could not finish watching “The Perfect Storm” even though it is with George Clooney), which is precisely what we did to get through the Knysna Heads on our whale watching tour.

So, stay tuned for more details and pictures of our stay in Wilderness, which is not far from George. All in all we had a lovely time and the weather – against all predictions – was absolutely beautiful. Next time we go there we’d probably want to stay in Knysna with its beautiful lagoon and vicinity to many attractions. If you’re interested in exploring the Garden Route, below are some of the attractions to choose from.

By the way, the picture above was taken near Wilderness. The paragliders launch from right up there (in the other direction).

Stay tuned for our Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour, Bungy Jumping, Whale Watching, and the absolute highlight, the Very Boring Hike.

Day One: Canopy Tour
Day Two: The Bloukrans Bungy Jump
Day Three: Whale Watching in Knsysna
Day Four: The Very Boring Hike

Garden Route Attractions and Activities:

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