Baseball vs Cricket

I am reading Notes from a Big Country by Bill Bryson at the moment (which in some ways reminds me of my own blog and is my affirmation that I should continue to devote my energies to the daily observations featured here while they are fresh in my mind for a possible later conversion into book form, instead of writing the book now as Noisette is urging me to do – or maybe it is just a sorry excuse to shy away from such a monumental task).


Anyway, I laughed out loud at his take on baseball versus cricket: “Both are games of great skill involving balls and bats, but with this crucial difference: baseball is exciting and when you go home at the end of the day you know who won.” And “Cricket is a wonderful game, full of deliciously scattered micro-moments of real action,” he goes on to say. So very true. If you’ve ever watched a cricket match, particularly the U-13 C team of your son’s school, you will agree that those moments of real action are indeed both scattered and of microscopic nature.

If you actually want to understand cricket, read my earlier post on it, where I reviewed another very entertaining book in the Bill Bryson style called What is a Googly by Rob Eastaway.

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